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mobility devices

The 2014 census in Uganda illustrates that 13.3% of the population over 5 years of age are living with a disability (UNSTATS). In Uganda, this is defined as: “a substantial functional limitation of daily life activities caused by physical, mental or sensory impairment and environmental barriers resulting in limited participation”.

Challenges relates to poverty create a uniquely challenging environment for children living with a disability and their families as their ability to access and/or afford essential care and services are extremely limited.

Often this results in children living with disabilities receiving no specialised care and treatment which leads to further health complications.

Negative stereotypes, prejudice, and stigma contribute to the discrimination and exclusion of children living with disabilities and their families in all aspects of their lives. This can result in children living with a disability being hidden from public view and prevents them from accessing essential treatment, education and contributing within their communities.

A lack of assistive aids and basic infrastructure such as ramps, handrails etc. create a less inclusive environment.

How Rena Community Development Association is improving life of people with disability

– Through the establishment of physiotherapy centre to support children living with a disability and their families.

– By providing access to physiotherapy services in order to improve a client’s ability to perform movements of their body.

– By providing access to child and family centred occupational therapy which focuses on improving a child’s ability to perform normal daily activities and live a more inclusive life.

​Rena Community Development Association wishes to express its sincere gratitude to our partners on this project

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